Water Compliance

When selling a property a Water Certificate of Compliance is required before transfer is legally approved. The water installation of a property is required to be inspected and tested by a Qualified Plumber to determine whether it conforms to the national Building Regulations and the current water-by-laws. All our inspectors are registered with the City of Cape Town Water Dept. ensuring that our inspection adheres strictly to the code of practice.

Authority and Regulation

City of Cape Town – Water Department
Water By-law 2006 – Amended 27 October 2010 C10/10/10 Section 14(2)
Promulgated 18 February 2011 – PG6847, LA22920

What We Inspect

  • The hot water cylinder installation is in accordance with SANS 10252 and 10254
  • The Council water meter is working
  • Terminal water fittings, stormwater discharging into the sewerage system
  • No cross connection between potable supply and any grey /groundwater system
  • A private isolating valve is installed for free standing properties
  • Visible water pipes are saddled correctly and no fresh water is running to waste.

What is Excluded

  • Water pressure
  • Blocked drains
  • Waterproofing, heating elements and thermostats to hot water cylinders
  • Leaking of used water (grey water) i.e. underneath basins
  • Bath traps and toilet outlet connectors etc, boreholes, wellpoints, pools and drainage fall out of the scope of work required for the purpose of issuing a water compliance certificate for transfer.

Our Inspection Fee

Standard Home –  R450.00
Commercial Buildings to be quoted on.