Quality Workmanship

At Luminoso we pride ourselves in delivering quality service.  To maintain our good reputation of quality work with reputable suppliers. We take job preparation seriously no matter the size of the job.  Each job is planned and handled with diligence to ensure excellent results.  We are passionate about property compliance and therefore are always looking at the best way of conducting our jobs to impress both the seller and the buyer.

There are various key factors we look into when preparing for our assignments.  In addition, we identify for each assignment the non-negotiables.  The non-negotiables might include being green-compliant for clients that are particular about going green.  Other common non-negotiables include Safety, Health and Environment issues which we never compromise on.

Preparation is what distinguishes us from our competitors.  It always gives us success and enables us to do our job systematically.  Preparation brings order and effective coordination amongst our team members as well as with our clients.  Things that may seem simple such as job start time coordination or access to property can often turn out to be a nightmare if not planned for.  Time is money – we are not pleased to bill clients for idle time for such extra costs can be avoided through careful planning and coordination with client.

The Luminoso team

We value our employees. We live on the motto or mantra that teaches – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

We can assure you that when we are both on and off premises we adhere to labour laws. We reward fairly and have career progress paths for each of our staff.  At Luminoso we do not just look at the short term but always plan ahead. With our vision of becoming the household name for compliance services in Western Cape, we know the secret to success lies within our employees.

Periodically we send staff for refresher courses and continuous education to ensure they deliver the best service to our clients. We have both on the job training as well as off-site training so that our services are always up to date with latest best practices and technologies.

We wear uniforms with our logos. This assures our clients that whenever they see a person from Luminoso at their workplace or home it means quality work is about to be produced. We always wear uniform on duty.  Our staff wear name tags for easy identification on site.

We also wear appropriate industry apparel such as work-suits, overalls and safety shoes.  We also comply with industry standards.

Our Major Suppliers

Our Major suppliers whom we have partnered with to help us deliver excellent jobs and material are Plumstead Electrical Wholesalers and Plumblink.