Electrical Compliance

When selling your property, regulation stipulates that an Electrical Certificate of Compliance be presented before a transfer is legally effected. The electrical installation of a property is to be inspected and tested by a Qualified Electrician to determine whether it is safe and complies with the current regulations. All our Inspectors are registered with the Department of Labour which guarantees quality work.

Major Authorities

Below are the major authorities that regulate our industry:

  1. Occupational Health & Safety Act, 1993 (Act 85 of 1993) Revised 15th Edition
  2. SANS 10142-1:2003 (SABS 0142) Edition 1.1 (as amended 2003 and 2012) Edition 2: 2017
    Government Notice No.1373 of 8 November 2002

What We Inspect

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Distribution and Sub Boards
  • Earth Leakage
  • Earth Continuity
  • Illegal Installations / Additions
  • Insulation; Lights
  • Loop Impedance
  • Plugs; Polarities
  • Resistance
  • Voltage and Wiring Circuits.

What is Excluded:

  • All appliances e.g. ovens, stoves
  • hot water cylinders and their heating components
  • pools, ponds, air conditioners, fans, gate motors, doorbells, jacuzzis, etc.
  • Extension cables and anything plugged into them, light bulbs, lights fittings, telephone/internet wires and alarm systems.

Our Inspection fee

  • Standard Home – R450.00
  • Commercial Buildings to be quoted on.


Scope of Inspection work

  • The Distribution Board (DB)
    • Is it labelled correctly
    • The correct-sized conductor links have been used
    • Earth leakage is working in order
    • Breaker’s ratings are visible and have sufficient breaker protection
  • Geyser
    • Has an accessible isolating switch
    • Water pipes are earthed and bonded
    • The cover is secure and has a gland
  • Stove
    • Is cabled up correctly and has an accessible isolator
  • Socket outlets, switches and light fittings
    • Are all secured and earthed
    • Socket outlets have shutters and are working in order
    • Light fittings are rated for their specific areas
  • Satellite and TV antenna
    • Are earthed and bonded
  • Fixed Appliances
    • The following: geyser, gate motor, garage door motor, extractor fans, ceiling fans, air-con units, water feature and any pump must be fitted with an isolator within 1.5m of the appliance.
  • General
    • All conducive parts of the installation shall be bonded and earthed and be the same electrical potential as the supply authority earthing.
    • The correct cable size and colour has been used for the various applications
    • There is no exposed black and red house wire
    • No open joints or broken conduit