At Luminoso we specialise in certificate of compliance work.  We do compliance testing and certification wiser and faster than the average service providers in the industry for we plan our jobs thoroughly before engaging.  We understand that when one desires to sell their house they usually wish to close the deal faster and better.  As such, we help clients sell their houses through careful management and our knowledge of the compliance industry.

Our teams have several years of experience in the industry and are always willing and ready to help sellers get a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) so that they can seal their property sales deal.

We offer various inspections but mainly specialize in electrical and plumbing certifications.

As a seller you are required by the law to provide a certificate of compliance for the property to be legally transferred to the buyer.  At Luminoso we have made it simple for anyone to get a compliance certificate.

We recommend that you contact us as early as possible for us to get on with the inspection.  Time is of essence and an early start always helps in cases where we discover repairs that require detailed work.  As a seller, the state of your house affects its selling price.  Have your electrical & plumbing in order by contacting us.

We have standard prices that beat competition.  Our general inspection fee is only R450.

There are key items that are involved in issuing a certificate of compliance. Bigger properties have complex installations that can cause the inspection to be at times more costly, in such cases the services are charged per hour.


Contact Us

You may contact us using the following phone numbers:

  • 065 857 0241
  • 060 326 4289

You may also email us at or simply visit our website and fill the contact us form and we will get back to you.

You also may contact us on our business Whatsapp: 060 326 4289.   We are also on social media: Facebook @Luminoso & Instagram.


Service Booking

Call us to book an inspection date. We will come and inspect your property, after inspection we will send you a report of the work to be done or you will get your certificate if all passed. You simply give us a verbal instruction and we will raise a written quotation for the inspection which you will sign and we will begin the work.

We have made it a company policy to begin all work upon receipt of a signed instruction from the client, authorizing our quotation or approving it via email.  This helps all parties to be clear of the scope of work to be done, the times of engagement and how it will be billed.  Being organized is a virtue to both our clients and us.

When the quotation has been approved and details of engagement have been agreed upon we then send our teams with a manager for supervision. The role of our site managers is to ensure that all inspections have been done according to regulations and the scope of the work as assigned by the client. Normally our teams work in pairs to ensure quick turnaround time at minimal cost to the client.  Our managers are aptly qualified and are registered with appropriate boards.


Liability insurance

Insurance is key in the compliance sector especially when it comes to electrical work and installations.    We are insured for third party liability insurance, so that clients may have peace of mind with our work.  We carefully sit down and select our insurance partners so that we may get the best value for our clients.

Our current insurance provider is OUTsurance insurance company limited, who have more than twenty years of experience in the industry.  We chose OUTsurance due to their good reputation and proven track record to settle claims quickly.  Our Policy number is: OT32317092



We do not issue certificates for any price if things are not in order.  We do authentic work. If all things are in order we issue certification, If they are not in order we write it on our report and if the client wishes to engage us to do the repairs then we gladly do so and issue certificate at no extra charge. We only report what is not compliant with the rules & regulations.



Please always ensure that all people, pets and animals have been moved to other rooms or areas of the premises when we carry out our work for health and safety reasons.

Although we are insured for third party liability yet we strongly believe prevention is always better than cure.  We have a minimal harm and zero death policy wherein we seek to minimize accidents at working sites. We use quality material/parts from reputable leading suppliers.